Why Are Websites Important for Insurance Agents & Agencies?

By: Join Stratosphere

October 28, 2022

In the digital era, omnichannel insurance experience is a best-practice standard since modern consumers purchase product experiences and emotions rather than just policies. The multi-touchpoint shopping behavior begins in the earliest stages of the purchase process, with 71% of policyholders researching on the internet before buying a policy, according to a PWC study. Still, why are websites important for small businesses like agencies?

It’s because website visits for an insurance agency are an integral part of the new-age consumer journey. A 2021 Statista report on online insurance purchase in the US confirmed this. That year, 52% of buyers were aged 30-49 years, 44% were 19-29 years, and 33% were 50-64 years. Besides, a site saves you time explaining policies and services, enables you to expand your market reach effortlessly, and more.

The Purpose of Having a Website for Your Business

Reach Out to More Customers

71% of insurance prospects who perform digital research are looking for information that can help them decide what to buy and where. They won’t easily notice your agency if you don’t have a digitally-optimized website. Also, more consumers want to compare prices before buying insurance, and a site can satisfy this requirement by providing online quotes.

It is Your 24/7 Online Shopping Store

An insurance website simplifies life for you and your clients by providing virtual, round-the-clock access to product and business information, even when you’re sleeping. It’s like an online store with all the details that customers need to learn about your insurance offerings before buying or requesting a quote.

Learn More About Your Visitors

As prospective and existing policyholders interact with your insurance agency website, you can use various automation to track, analyze and understand their behavior across all touchpoints. The insights you collect enable you to customize the digital product experience and engage your clients better.

Help Visitors Understand Your Offerings

When it comes to explaining complex products, such as umbrella insurance, let well-crafted products and FAQ pages do most of the talking. They can help prospects understand the differences between similar policies, coverage benefits, limits, exclusions, and more.

The 5 Benefits of a Website for an Insurance Agent or Agency:

1. Client Referrals

A professionally-designed website allows you to get high-quality referral leads. Any of your happy clients can point their family or friends to your site for further details. The referred prospect can also check your online profile and insurance solutions firsthand. By the time they make their first phone inquiry, they have sufficient information to like hearing more directly from you.

2. Business Sourcing

Search engines can bring high-quality leads to your insurance agency website if you optimize it for relevant user queries. Provided the site has the answers that potential clients are researching online before buying insurance, it can easily grab their attention by ranking on search results pages. You can then capture the leads for further engagement with an online quote form. An optimized insurance site is also easy to spot by search engine users interested in partnering with your agency.

3. Credibility and Trust

The purpose of a website for insurance agents is to build credibility with prospective clients. A well-designed, up-to-date site enhances your trustworthiness when in-person interactions with prospects are impossible. Recall that consumers visiting your website for insurance information expect a level of professionalism and credibility in the content they read. You can earn their trust by being factual and original when writing about policies and other product features on your service pages or blogs.

4. Brand Recognition and Reach

Your brand recognition grows every time a new person learns about and visits your insurance website from Google. You can realize this valuable branding outcome by ranking for different insurance-related keywords as you expand your online reach. Brand exposure also increases when other reputable websites write about your company or policies and link back to yours. Similarly, your clients can help spread awareness by sharing your site’s URL both online and offline.

5. Advertising Opportunities

When trying to get quick leads through paid advertising channels, it is your website where your prospects land after clicking on your ads. It’s cost-effective because you have greater control over your campaign budget, such as by capping your daily ad spend on a keyword like “independent insurance agencies near me.” Likewise, you can customize ads in ways that are impossible with print advertising. Options include limiting the reach to a specific user demographic or location, such as Medicare for retirees.

Check Out Some of Our Insurance Website Design Examples & Their Performance Results

Stratosphere has designed and built appealing websites for hundreds of local and multi-location insurance agencies. With customized designs and marketing solutions, we have helped our clients steadily expand their brand recognition and dominate local and regional online insurance sales. Our dedicated insurance website design experts deliver highly secure sites with seamless third-party integrations and 100% client-owned content management systems (CMS).

Check out some of our client success stories:

Fuller Insurance Agency

For this multi-location property & casualty specialist, we enhanced the user experience and interface, fixed site structure, and optimized page conversations. These on-site improvements yielded a +328% increase in conversations, a 19% increase in online traffic, and more.

Source: Fuller Insurance Case Study

Artisan Insurance Solutions

Our work for Artisan Insurance Solutions involved fixing NAP issues, link-building, and content creation/marketing to grow their online visibility. Results included a more than 1,300% increase in phone calls and over 104% growth in organic website visits.

Source: Artisan Insurance Case Study

CV Mason Insurance

This insurance agency approached us to redesign their website and optimize their Google Business Profile. Project objectives included boosting local brand visibility and dominating SEO ranking with well-crafted marketing content. As a result, calls from Google increased by +49% and online form submissions by +102%.

Source: CV Mason Insurance Case Study

Boost Your Lead Generation with Stratosphere Insurance Agency Websites Platform!

Having an insurance agency website gives you a decent chance to increase sales by dominating local SEO rankings. Without it, you’ll miss out on the new-age consumers who prefer multi-touchpoint digital experiences throughout the buying journey.

At Stratosphere, we can help you build and own performance-driven insurance agency websites that will enhance your audiences’ user experience and help you close more deals! Contact us today to get started on your fully customizable, quick-to-launch, SEO, and mobile-friendly insurance agency website!

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