Stratosphere Insurance Agency Referral Program

Refer a potential client and once the conversion is complete, you'll get a $300 Amazon gift card.

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Stratosphere Customer Referral Program

Finding new ways to promote and strengthen your business is a must for insurance agencies. At Stratosphere, our goal is to come up with innovative ways to market each agency, provide agents with a dedicated marketing plan, and bestow clients with our trusted expertise. As such, we have decided to roll out a new referral program to benefit our existing clients for their referrals, and expand the Stratosphere reach by providing new agents with the support they need to succeed.

So, How Does Our Referral Program Work?

What Is Our Insurance Agency Referral Program, and Who Can Benefit From It?

Our insurance agency referral program allows agencies that Stratosphere is already servicing to be rewarded for referring other agents or agencies. Existing clients are encouraged to fill out this form including the agent/agency’s name they are referring to. Once the form is completed, one of our Stratosphere representatives will reach out to the referred agency explaining our program and providing the information needed to create an account and gain access to the digital marketing services Stratosphere offers.

What Kind of Rewards Can Be Earned?

Stratosphere is offering agents who successfully refer a new agency client a $300 Amazon gift card. There are other benefits to bringing new agents into the Stratosphere, as well. The bigger your network, the better off you are when it comes to being able to help your customers find the best insurance and agent for their money. Plus, working with Stratosphere helps to tie everything together as we support our clients with effective strategies that they will need to build an incredible and robust online presence. Using our resources to your advantage will give you the boost you need to grow your insurance business.

What Products and Services are Eligible Under the Referral Program?

The majority of the services Stratosphere provides are eligible for the referral program. Website design and development and our Agency Local program are the most referred services, however all services can apply. If you have any questions if a specific type of service would apply, please contact the Stratosphere team!

Getting Credit for Referrals

Getting credit for your referrals is simple enough. Once you refer a potential client, one of our representatives will contact them and discuss all the benefits and advantages they will receive when signing up as a client at Stratosphere. Once the conversion is complete, and your referral successfully becomes a client, one of our team members will contact you. We will send your $300 Amazon gift card through your email so you can enjoy it immediately. You can continue to benefit from the referral program. The more agents you refer, the more gift cards you can earn.

Details of Existing Stratosphere Client:

The Agent/Agency You’re Referring To:

The Long-Term Benefits of a Referral Program

Being part of such a lucrative insurance agent/agency referral program benefits everyone involved. While Stratosphere gains another client, both agents receive the highest-quality insurance website marketing strategies and tools. They will be able to promote themselves in such a way that their brand continues to grow and thrive. The longer you remain with Stratosphere, the more extensive your network and potential list of resources will be.