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We help insurance agents, agencies, and brokers to rank higher on search results, drive more traffic and generate high-quality leads online.

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Insurance SEO Services for Small to Mid-Size and Multi-Location Agents & Agencies

A successful insurance agency website facilitates customer communication and helps you win more of the qualified insurance leads you want. However, this means little if insurance customers can't find your website in the first place. To rank on page #1 of Google, you need a super responsive website, value-adding, high-quality and keyword-optimized content, and quality backlinks from authority sites in your niche, all of which are major components of a perfect insurance SEO strategy.

At Stratosphere, we are handling digital marketing of 100+ small and medium-sized insurance agency websites that puts us in a position where we can easily tell what kind of insurance SEO strategy will work for which type of insurance client. Whether you are a small-sized, single location-serving agent or agency, or a comparatively bigger firm that's targeting multiple locations to generate insurance leads, our SEO marketing agency along with its tactical SEO team, can help with all your search marketing needs.

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Why Choose Stratosphere as Your Insurance SEO Partner?

Insurance SEO projects

Experience Handling SEO for 100+ Insurance Clients

We boast an extensive portfolio of satisfied insurance clients. With our unrivaled mastery of SEO strategies and Google best practices, we'll help you achieve maximum web visibility for your insurance agency's website.

Local & national insurance agency SEO

Local & National SEO for Independent Insurance Agents

You can count on us when looking to drive maximum web traffic from your city or town. Better still, compete more effectively nationwide with our national insurance SEO services.

Affordable insurance SEO services

Customized & Affordable SEO Plans That Work for Everyone

When it comes to SEO for insurance agents, needs vary from client to client and from time to time. We'll customize your SEO package based on your unique requirements, be that web design, SEO content, or branding.

Insurance website SEO tools

Utilizing the Best of SEO Tools for Actionable Data & Strategy

Our data-driven approach enables us to track the quality and quantity of campaign outcomes. This way, we can easily identify and exploit opportunities for profitable SEO traffic.

Our Complete Insurance SEO Package Includes the Following Services

We provide customized SEO packages for home, auto, health, life, property, and other insurance business types that fit your unique needs. For insurance agents who have just started and have very little to no online presence, we recommend our complete insurance SEO package that includes the following services:

  • Google, Bing, & Yahoo! Optimization - Our SEO strategies for insurance agents will achieve high levels of targeted visibility on Google and other major search engines for important keywords, categories, and types of insurance you want to rank for.
  • Website architecture that facilitates SEO – Our website architecture plan for insurance websites will ensure that your website is easy to crawl, loads quickly, tackles duplicacy effectively, is accessible from all types of devices, follows security protocols, and has descriptive URLs, all of which are the foundations for the success of your SEO strategy.
  • On-page optimization - By incorporating best practices for on-page SEO, including keyword placements, meta tags, header tags, internal linking, structured data, and more, we'll boost your insurance website's dominance on search results.
  • Business listings management – We will create and manage your business listings on Google My Business and all other major insurance and non-insurance specific listing sites on a regular basis that will help you improve your NAP consistency and pass out stronger local ranking signals to Google.
  • Content creation and marketing - Publishing keyword-optimized, informative, promotional, or any other relevant material on your blog page, business site, social media and other online platforms will improve your search engine visibility and rankings.
  • Professional branding – We will ensure your agency's professional appearance across all your social media profiles and business listings with custom graphics and animated videos that match your website design.
  • Online reputation monitoring & management – To pass on strong reputation signals to Google for improved rankings, we will leverage our digital tools to track customer reviews across all review sites and directories, automatically generate positive reviews from happy customers, and spot and deal with any negative feedback proactively.
  • Blog post-publication for authority building – We will keep your blog updated with fresh and original content with keyword-rich text, internal website links, and custom branded graphics that will attract potential prospects doing their insurance purchase research.
  • Off-site content & link building – We will publish content across different social, listing, and forum websites across the web to improve your online footprint, generate quality backlinks, and build authority.
  • Customized social media posts – We will keep your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social profiles active and updated with engaging posts that will improve your social authority, give the required social signals to Google for search rankings, and also drive social traffic back to your website.
  • Videos for YouTube SEO – We can also create and publish YouTube explainer videos custom-branded for your agency that will help boost your online branding and SEO results.
  • Website traffic analysis & reports - We have the tools to help you evaluate the impact of your insurance SEO campaigns and consistently refine strategies for better results.

Can Insurance SEO Drive Consistent Leads?

Insurance website SEO can generate high-quality leads from local and national Google, Yahoo, or Bing searches. Most of the prospects acquired this way have a high chance of converting because they usually comprise search engine users interested in insurance products. Read below to learn more about how Search Engine Optimization works to drive consistent organic leads to your insurance website:

  • Improved Local Visibility: As insurance rates and policies vary widely from state to state and city to city, most of your SEO efforts will be concentrated locally. And, as 88% of consumers searching for a local business on their mobile device end up calling or visiting the physical store within a week, you can imagine how great your chances of getting leads are with improved local visibility.
  • SEO Funnel Optimization: In a survey by Databox, 70% of respondents said that SEO serves better in generating quality leads than PPC. For that to happen, you will need to do SEO funnel optimization on your insurance website. This process involves understanding the intent behind users' search queries, having appropriate pages on your site to meet their unique needs, and placing specific call-to-actions (CTAs) on each page that matches users' intent and channels them through your content closer to the purchase phase of your conversion funnel.
  • Marrying SEO with CRO: An SEO strategy without a perfect Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) plan is incomplete! In fact, CRO is a major part of conversion funnel optimization. It ensures that you are getting the most out of the traffic you are receiving on your site. Suppose you have an insurance quote form on your website that you want your prospects to fill, or a call button you want them to click, and you want most of your audience to take these actions during their session. That is possible with conversion rate optimization. It increases the volume of all sorts of conversion actions on your website, including form fills, call button clicks, signups, purchase actions, etc.

How Does Insurance SEO Maximize My Marketing ROI?

A study conducted by First Page Sage on SEO spend and its return for commercial insurance websites has shown encouraging results. The SEO ROI for commercial insurance websites showed a three-year average of 758%, which is impressive. The break-even point where the net revenue from an SEO campaign exceeded the ad spend on that campaign was 9 months, which means you can get an impressive return on your SEO spend within a year.

Insurance marketing ROI

Insurance SEO FAQs:

SEO for insurance companies is the process of optimizing an agency's or broker's website for a higher ranking on search results for specific keywords that prospective insurance consumers use for finding their perfect insurance product and provider.

According to Google's Clickstream research, about 70% of insurance consumers who purchased their policies online performed at least one related online search during the observation period. This data itself shows the importance of search engine optimization for insurance agents, agencies, and brokers.

Paid insurance leads are getting costlier with the increasing competition. As such, insurance agents need a way to utilize what they spend on a better and more permanent option, that offers them a regular flow of new leads without having to spend anything extra on a per lead basis. That option is insurance SEO.

Learning and mastering a working SEO strategy for your agency may demand more time than what is available for you. Also, the cost of maintaining a full-fledged in-house SEO team is usually too high for independent insurance agents or brokers. Generally, it's best to engage an experienced SEO firm to optimize your digital marketing budget and results.

To decide whether you need to enlist an insurance SEO agency for the task, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have enough time to study keyword research, SEO marketing, and content optimization in SEO?
  • Do I have the resources and technical know-how to design and implement SEO campaigns in-house?
  • If I'm currently using SEO, am I getting good conversion rates and ROIs?
  • Is my link-building strategy working, or do I need external help with this or any other SEO component?

If the answers to these questions are a NO, then you absolutely need an expert hand for your insurance website's SEO needs. At Stratosphere, our insurance SEO team will take care of all your SEO tasks, so that you can focus on all the other things that need to be prioritized.

Local SEO for insurance agents is crucial for putting your website in front of your local audience. It allows you to engage with your local community, attract local clients, thus setting up your business for success.

Services provided under local SEO for insurance agents aren't much different from those for national SEO, except that you are targeting a more localized audience for the former. Some of the specific local SEO services that we provide for insurance agents and agencies are:

  • Development of local target keyword list
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Link building with focus on local blogs, forums, and websites
  • Local insurance business citation building
  • Insurance specific content optimized for the local audience
  • Local competitor research and analysis
  • Social media management with focus on driving engagement from the local audience
  • Consistent NAP auditing

SEO for insurance agents should be an ongoing effort that helps acquire and retain clients. It helps with customer retention in ways such as:

  • Maintaining your online visibility - A client may be aware of your insurance agency's existence, but it doesn't mean they'll always call you for insights. When they look up a policy on Google, you want them to see your agency's website in the search results. Consistent SEO practices will enable you to upsell or cross-sell more insurance products to your existing clients.
  • Establishing credibility - Existing policyholders are more likely to renew their policies with you if you keep providing relevant and up-to-date content. SEO enables you to keep informing and engaging your clients online with branded content, preserving your agency's relevance to their evolving needs.

It usually takes at least 3 to 6 months for a website to start showing some definitive results. SEO is a consistent process, and search engines consider several factors, including consistency, quality of content, web presence, online reputation, existing competitiveness, and various other things to determine your ranking and speed of performance.

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