Case Study

328.71% Boost in Organic Leads for
Multi-State Licensed Agency

Fuller Insurance Agency

Offices: 3

Industry: Property & Casualty

The Project

The Project

Recognizing a need for change in the Income Property Owners insurance market, Matt Fuller created the Comprehensive Apartment Program (CAP) in 1982, which came to be known as Fuller Insurance later. Fuller Insurance had a website before they came to us, but it was not generating the expected traffic and leads. They approached us to drive consistent organic traffic and quality leads to their website!

The Challenges


The Challenges

  • Low-quality traffic: An initial audit showed the site was getting decent traffic, but they were low quality. The client wanted to elevate their site to the next level. The low-quality traffic was also the reason why the conversion count was low.
  • Keyword Optimization issues: The site was not optimized properly for the target keywords, resulting in poor online visibility to the right audience. Also, many pages had similar content creating a cannibalization issue for those pages.
  • Poor user experience: Complexities in going from point A to B, slow page loading speed, and unthoughtful internal linking structure were causing a bad browsing experience to users. The bad internal linking structure also negatively affected the website’s crawling and indexing by search engines.
  • Goals and objectives: The client wanted an improved overall local online visibility, enhanced quantity and quality of their website traffic, and consistent lead generation.

The Solution


Note: The traffic took a hit in March because of the pandemic; however, it again picked the pace and consistency in the following months.

The Results (YoY)


Increase in conversions from the website


Increase in total no. of calls


Traffic increase on the website


Increase in new users