Is SEO Cost-Effective? (Plus - How to Maximize Your SEO ROI)

By: Join Stratosphere

October 16, 2020

It’s likely that, as a business owner, you’ve heard the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO). You know that SEO can bring more qualified traffic and leads to your website by helping you rank in Google for relevant keywords. But, what you may be wondering, is if SEO marketing is cost-effective? As a valuable digital marketing strategy, it is worthwhile knowing how SEO can work within your finances and how to maximize your SEO ROI. 

Is SEO Cost-Effective?

In short, yes. SEO is extremely cost-effective as long as you have the right strategies in place. If you outsource your SEO marketing, you should use the right digital marketing agency. Organic search drives more than half of all web traffic, and SEO helps your business to capture some of this traffic and bring qualified leads to your website – all without breaking the bank. 

SEO is cost-effective because the vast majority of online sessions start with a search engine. If you want to earn more customers online, you need to go to where they are establishing a presence. It is not just one group that uses search engines, either. Consumers of all ages and demographics turn to search engines to help solve their queries and find the right business to work with. That means you need to rank well for keywords relevant to your industry. SEO enables you to accomplish this task. 

What’s more, through keyword research, you can target the right keywords that are applicable to your business and consumer. That means that you will work on ranking higher for more qualified leads. SEO leads tend to have a solid close rate, compared to a lower rate of traditional marketing leads. 

Improve Your SEO ROI

To get the most out of your SEO and improve your ROI, it is essential to establish a strategy tailored to your business’s needs, goals, and audience. Develop a custom strategy that works in favor of your business and that has plenty of research to support marketing decisions. 

SEO also will help to improve your bottom line by working alongside other, more traditional digital marketing strategies. For example, creating content as part of your SEO strategy gives your business something to share on social media and spark conversation. Another example is that a consumer might discover your brand through organic search, and because they are familiar with it, click on a pay-per-click ad later on. A sure way to improve your SEO ROI is to work SEO marketing into other digital marketing strategies. 

To know where you’re going, you need to know your past success. Track your SEO ROI or work with a digital marketing agency that provides reporting on this. Monitoring your SEO campaigns allows you to understand what is working well and what is not so that you can adjust your methods and continue to improve.

Are you looking for assistance with your digital marketing needs? If so, then contact the experts at Stratosphere on (818) 338-6700. We are ready to address all your digital marketing needs throughout this troubling time.

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