Why Your Digital Presence is More Important Than Ever

By: Join Stratosphere

June 4, 2020

Why Businesses Need to Double-Down on Their Marketing Effects During COVID-19

As more of us spend time at home and away from the outside world during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s increasingly obvious how important the internet is in our daily lives. It’s how we’re staying informed, connected, and entertained. For many of us, it’s how we are able to continue working from home and check in on loved ones. It may have also become apparent that insurance agency websites are a lifeline to customers and community members looking for ways to support them. One thing we’ve learned for sure during this pandemic is that online presence is more important than ever. 

Interest usage is at an all-time high

At time of writing, AT&T reported that internet traffic shot up 31 percent, and streaming services are reporting huge increases as well. The internet is where people are spending their time now and, quite simply, if your business isn’t visible there, then you’re going to miss out. Make sure you have a great SEO strategy in place so you’re showing up in search engines for relevant searches right now.

People are searching for business updates

Consumers need to know how your business is handling COVID-19 and what you are doing in the fight against it. Consider adding a COVID-19 website advisory notice to keep your clients up to date.

Consumers want to connect with local businesses

Many small businesses are threatened in the pandemic, which means that consumers are doing their part at keeping local businesses afloat. Many are looking for different ways to support local companies, such as sharing posts and buying gift certificates to use at a later time. Let your consumers know about the ways in which they can support you.

Use this time effectively

Portraying the right image to the customers is a vital aspect of nailing your brand awareness building. With more and more people being at home for longer throughout the day, they are all going to have more focus and attention on your online presence. The “little things” like enhancing your online customer journey, tidying up your social media profiles, and informing your customers about the latest updates are not so little after all. 

If you want to get a better insight into where your website and online presence could be maximized for customers throughout these times, we can help. Don’t ever feel alone during these testing times – Get in touch with our team who are happy to help! Contact the professionals at Stratosphere on (818) 338-6700 or by emailing info@joinstratosphere.com to get started.

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