The Impact of User-Generated Content in Insurance Marketing

By: Join Stratosphere

March 10, 2024

User-generated content (UGC) encompasses unique and brand-specific content created by customers in various forms, ranging from images and videos to reviews and testimonials. With its ability to create a positive brand perception and drive engagement for a company/product, UGC has become an essential marketing tool for insurance companies. By sharing UGC on social media and online review platforms, insurance brands can demonstrate the effectiveness of their products or services, highlighting the positive impact they have on a customer's life. This can lead to increased customer retention and advocacy, as customers are more likely to recommend a brand that provides them with a positive experience.

According to Grand View Research, the global UGC market was valued at $4.4 billion in 2022 and is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.4% from 2023 to 2030. This signals that user-generated content holds a special place in the future of insurance marketing strategies. This blog discusses the importance, types, and impact of UGC in insurance marketing so that you can make the most of it to grow your brand and customer base.

Why UGC Matters for Insurance Agency Marketing?

Nowadays, many insurance agencies and products are available for consumers to choose from, overwhelming consumers with marketing messages from various brands. Due to the flooded amount of competing messages, consumers tend to tune out ads and other marketing materials. However, they actively engage with each other on social media and other online platforms.

Personalized yet localized content relatable to customers' experiences and expectations is crucial to promoting an insurance brand or product, and UGC is undoubtedly a way to have such content. That is why insurance agencies are leveraging User-Generated Content (UGC) as a powerful tool to connect with their audiences and achieve strategic objectives. According to the State of Social & User-Generated Content 2023 report, consumers consider authentic UGC the most reliable form of content.

Here are some user-generated content benefits for insurance agencies:

  • Improved Trust and Credibility - As UGC reflects the genuine experiences of real users, potential customers trust it more, establishing a positive brand image.
  • Enhanced Brand Engagement and Loyalty - When users contribute their content, they develop a sense of engagement with the brand, resulting in long-lasting loyalty.
  • Wider Reach and Scalability - When users share content on social media, it helps spread the brand's message to a larger audience, boosting brand visibility.
  • Influence Purchase Decisions - Positive reviews, testimonials, and shared experiences form a compelling story that helps others choose your products/services.

Types of UGC Tailored for Insurance Agency Marketing

Let’s explore some types of UGC and how to leverage them for promoting your insurance brand:

Client Testimonials

Testimonials, such as case studies, quotes, and success stories, demonstrate that real people have had positive experiences with the agency or a product. Feature them on your website, social media pages, and marketing materials to influence potential buyers and build trust.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts express customers' thoughts, perspectives, and encounters with various brands. Insurance companies can actively engage with their audience by sharing user-generated social media posts on their social media channels, encouraging users to create content, or partnering with influencers.

Q&A and Discussion Forums

Q&A & discussion forums offer insights into customer needs and preferences and help identify areas for improvement. These platforms enable customers to ask questions, exchange experiences, and receive answers while allowing them to connect with other users of a product or service.

Reviews and Ratings

They inform insurance companies about customer satisfaction levels. While positive reviews may encourage potential sales, negative feedback provides essential insights for improvement. You can post your product reviews on major review platforms, e-commerce sites, and social media pages to help prospects know about your insurance products.

Photos and Videos

User-generated content in photos and videos offers a genuine and relatable viewpoint. Companies can feature this content on their platforms or channels to demonstrate the practical applications of their products or services.

Videos and Vlogs

They share in-depth experiences and tutorials about a product or service, showcasing user satisfaction. You can post them on your social media pages, website, or YouTube channels to spread the word about your product, expanding your audience base while promoting brand recognition.

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Implementing UGC in Marketing Strategies for Insurance Agencies

Here are steps on how to effectively implement UGC in your insurance marketing strategy:

  • Ensure you comprehend your brand - Establish your business objectives and target audience and thoroughly understand your brand's tone and style. This will assist you in determining the suitable platforms for sourcing and curating UGC.
  • Specify Content Criteria - Analyze the type of content needed for your UGC strategy that aligns with your goals, brand objectives, and audience preferences.
  • Establish Measurable Objectives - Whether you use UGC to enhance brand recognition, foster engagement, or increase sales, ensure your objectives are precise, measurable, and have a defined timeframe.
  • Discover UGC Sources - Check social media platforms and hashtags related to your brand, contact creators to ask for permission to use their content, and encourage user-generated content by offering incentives.
  • Curate UGC - Carefully manage the UGC by selecting only authentic, compliant content that resonates with your brand's values, message, and style.
  • Leverage UGC - Utilize UGC legally to craft website banners, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, in-store displays, etc., to promote your brand.
  • Interact with Your Audience - Responding to comments and messages featuring UGC and offering feedback can cultivate a loyal brand community and further encourage UGC creation.
  • Assess Content Performance - Monitor and analyze KPIs like engagement rates, reach, impressions, conversions, comments, clicks, and share to understand how your UGC performs.
  • Keep Improving - Utilize analytics tools to monitor the impact and engagement of UGC, identify the best and worst performing content, and implement targeted improvements.

Measuring the Impact of UGC in Insurance Marketing

Leverage the following key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success and performance of your UGC:

  1. Engagement Metrics These include comments, likes, and shares, which measure audience interaction and engagement with UGC.
  2. Social Media Mentions They track how often the brand or campaign is mentioned across various social media platforms.
  3. Reach and Impression
    • Reach - The number of users who have seen the content.

    • Impressions - The number of times the content is displayed.

  4. Conversion Metrics
    • Click-Through-Rate (CTR) - The number of users clicked on the link in the UGC.
    • Conversation Rate - The percentage of users completing a desired action (signing up or making a purchase) after engaging with UGC.
  5. Content Performance
    • UGC Produced - Tracks the quantity and quality of UGC content.
    • Content Engagement - Analyzes which UGC content performs well.
  6. Sentiment Analysis Use sentiment analysis tools to measure the sentiments (positive, negative, neutral) expressed in UGC.
  7. Brand Awareness and Perception
    • Brand Mentions and Associations - Measure the number of brand mentions and assess the link between the brand and the UGC.
    • Brand Sentiment - Assess changes in brand sentiment based on UGC responses.
  8. User Participation
    • UGC Submissions - Track the number of times users generate campaign-relevant UGC content.
    • User Engagement - Measures the level of engagement among users in creating and sharing UGC.
  9. Influence and Advocacy
    • Influencer Impact - Measures the involvement of influencers or brand advocates in creating UGC.
    • UGC Amplification - Measures how prevalent UGC is and its impact on expanding audiences.

Leveraging UGC in Our Marketing Strategy to Achieve Remarkable Outcomes for Our Insurance Clients

Here are some case studies that describe how we leveraged UGC marketing strategy to help our insurance clients achieve their marketing goals while overcoming challenges:

Case Study 1 - CV Mason Insurance

  • Objective - To improve their website's performance.
  • Strategy - We redesigned their website and optimized their GMB profiles for rapid conversions and improved visibility. We implemented a content strategy that includes creating insightful blogs and running brand awareness campaigns featuring UGC to drive more traffic.
  • Results - They saw a 49.14% increase in calls from GMB, a 98.31% increase in organic traffic, and a 141.34% increase in new users.

Case Study 2 - Artisan Insurance Solutions

  • Objective - To boost their website performance.
  • Strategy - We redesigned their website, worked on their NAP scores, and built backlinks to improve their trust and credibility. We also began posting informative blogs and sharing UGC on their site and social media pages to increase brand perception and drive conversions.
  • Results - They saw a 1300% increase in calls, a 104.91% increase in organic traffic, and a 73.57% increase in new users.

Harnessing the Impact of User-Generated Content in Insurance Marketing with Stratosphere

UGC is a valuable asset for insurance companies looking to build trust, credibility, and customer loyalty. By incorporating UGC into their marketing strategies, insurers can save money, improve their reputation, drive leads, and better understand their customers. Insurers can also use UGC to create social proof, which can help to establish their brand as a sought-after one in the industry.

At Stratosphere, we can help you in developing or utilizing a UGC strategy in your marketing efforts. Contact us today to kick-start your UGC marketing strategy.

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