11 Insurance Social Media Content Ideas to Grow Your Brand Online

By: Join Stratosphere

November 15, 2021

Social media is so deeply ingrained in consumers’ day-to-day lives that insurance agents need to have an outstanding presence on it to maximize their market reach and growth. Interestingly, young insurance agents have already taken the lead in this aspect, with 73.4% of them using LinkedIn, according to Statista. However, it isn’t enough to have a social media profile—instead, you must consistently engage your audience with meaningful content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or other appropriate platforms.

By sharing insights and social media posts that are engaging, you can expand your brand awareness and position your insurance agency as an industry authority. Moreover, making this an integral part of your content marketing strategy lets you boost lead generation and bring more referral traffic to your website.

What Types of Content Work the Best on Social Media?

You’ll want a proper presence on some of the most popular social media platforms for your target audience to maximize your strategy’s impact. It’s also vital that you identify the appropriate type of content for each platform to make the most of your marketing efforts and budget. The following types of social media content for insurance agents work for most social networking platforms:

  • Text-based posts: Whether short or long-form, text-based content can be used in many ways, including to start interesting conversations, provide tips, and ask for feedback from your social media audience.
  • User-generated content: UGC, including feedback, lets you boost social media engagement and brand trust, economically or even for free.
  • Videos: On average, an individual spends about 100 minutes a day watching web-based videos.
  • Live Streams: Most social media platforms have this feature, letting brands interact with their audience in real-time.
  • Polls: To improve your customer service and products, you should periodically survey your insurance customers.
  • Customer testimonials: Nearly 80% of people have watched a video testimonial to learn more about a company.

Here Are 11 Highly Effective Social Media Content Ideas for Insurance Agents:

1. Share informative posts on authority topics

Most insurance consumers look up information about policies online before making a purchase decision. Social media posts are a practical way to share the insights or answers your existing or prospective clients are looking for. Make sure to keep a significant percentage of your posts related to the topics you have authority in. Inform, educate, and excite your readers with your knowledge. Relevant, informative content proves that you’re an expert in your field, which helps build brand trust. You can spread the content across text, images, and video formats. Become an authority in your niche segments, be it life insurance, commercial insurance, property insurance, etc.

2. Share client testimonials

In your website’s “Why Choose Us” section, you can loudly proclaim, “We pride ourselves on our history of social responsibility and excellent customer service.” Nonetheless, not everyone will take your word for it because, in insurance, it takes some time and effort to build customer trust. With client testimonials posted on social media, you can persuade some of the doubting prospects that your insurance agency is as good as advertised. Get some long reviews from happy clients, preferably in video. Request them to follow a format that covers different parts of the services you are providing them. This will allow you to share the reviews in chunks. Also, get written permission to share the testimonials publicly and then post them on social sites.

3. Post educational videos

Create short videos that address or provide the information that most consumers research online. You can cover any common customer pain point or concern, from how insurance premium rates are determined and bundling policies to issues that affect claims approvals and denials. In a short clip, you can briefly share insights that would take way longer to read in text format. Share your expertise using educational videos about insurance products, services, rates, comments on industry news or on anything that’s worth the attention of potential insurance buyers. Don’t forget to ask for sharing and referring the video to others. You can expand your reach pretty fast by tapping into the viral power of insightful social media videos.

4. Post behind-the-scenes images and videos

This type of content is a perfect match for the informal setting of social media. Since you’re avoiding hard selling for now, why not provide a glimpse into the culture and atmosphere of your office? These posts can reveal the rarely seen “human side” of your insurance brand, making it much more relatable to prospects. Some practical ideas for sharable behind-the-scenes shots include:

  • Posting about a local event you participated in
  • Sharing recent images of the birthday celebration for a staff member
  • Posting team at work photos and videos, thus providing a window into your everyday workflows or micro-moments
  • Funny antics, photos, fun facts about the real people behind your brand will also help highlight the human side of your business

5. Share news about a local business

Brands can collaborate and help each other in various ways, and insurance businesses are no exception. For example, you can share information about a local company to help one of your clients. Whether the business is an auto garage, vendor, or consultant, they might appreciate and reciprocate the unsolicited @mention or referral in one of your social media posts or comments. By helping out, you can fortify your local business community membership and may get referrals, mentions, or policy renewals in return.

6. Get your existing clients to post about you

People posting about your insurance agency or products on their social media timelines is the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing. It’s a cheap way to expand your reach and build trust among prospective insurance clients. You can encourage your existing clients to engage more with your brand in ways such as:

  • Incentivizing or rewarding clients who post on their timelines about the benefits or positive experiences with your insurance products
  • Running referral programs
  • Actively engaging on their posts, such as by @mentioning and replying to their comments

Participating in social media conversations about your products is a great way to spread brand awareness as more clients will reply and mention your company.

7. Run contests

Informal competitions can make for highly engaging social media posts for insurance agents. There are many ways to boost engagements on Facebook or Instagram with these posts, including:

  • Fun fact contests (such as asking followers to name the famous actor whose productions insurance companies won’t cover)
  • Caption contest (Posting a funny insurance-related photo and rewarding the follower with the best caption for it)

8. Post “Ask Me Anything” stories

Stories have become a popular way to provide a rare glimpse into a brand with short videos or photos that disappear in 24 hours. For insurance marketers, stories are a great way to post Ask Me Anything stickers, encouraging engagement with existing clients. One way to pull this off is with explanatory videos featuring insurance FAQs and sharing those across social media.

9. Highlight achievers from your local community

Every community has its heroes—personalities that everyone knows or admires for their outstanding achievements. Highlighting these individuals on your social media pages boosts engagement because heroes spark interesting conversations whenever mentioned. Your brand will get in front of more people as your followers mention and tag their friends about the local achiever you posted, be it an athlete who won the state championship or an activist recognized for their efforts in uplifting the community.

10. Share relevant third-party content

Part of the reason why social media attracts all demographics is that it offers more than just social networking or friendships. For many people, these platforms are also a source of valuable information, such as breaking news or tips. Take advantage of your existing clients’ quest for timely insights by sharing relevant information from other credible sources. These can be articles, videos, podcasts, or quotes that would interest your audience.

11. Find ways to maximize user-generated content (UGC) on your profiles

Take the example of one of your existing insurance clients commenting on your Facebook page that your response to inquiries is superfast. This comment is way more credible and generally cheaper than your own post or ad making the same claim. That’s why you should make the most of UGC. Examples of UGC include:

  • Comments
  • Reviews
  • Customer testimonials
  • Poll results
  • FAQs

You can run specific campaigns to collect feedback or even automate the process of review extraction and publishing on your preferred platform, such as a business website.

Never Forget to Add Value. That’s How You Nail It on Social Media!

Only the best social media posts for insurance agents get the most shares, likes, comments, and other user engagements. They’re deemed “best” because they add value—such as informing, educating, inspiring, entertaining, or helping resolve customers’ pain points. Your audience can reciprocate by talking more about your brand or buying or renewing insurance policies with your agency. Getting all these aspects right can be tricky or more expensive than necessary for your agency, especially if you prefer to focus on what you do best—selling insurance policies. Our experienced team at Stratosphere can help you boost your reach and engagements on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and similar platforms. Visit our social media marketing page now to get started!

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