How to Become an Expert in Insurance Social Media Marketing

By: Join Stratosphere

December 29, 2020

Believe it or not, but generating insurance leads online isn’t about outspending your competitors – it’s about outsmarting them. While the insurance industry used to be able to rely on traditional marketing tactics to grow their agency, the inclusion of an online presence and insurance agency digital marketing is critical. In a saturated industry, your insurance agency needs to stand out with high-quality, effective social media marketing.

A strong digital marketing strategy will build strong, longer-lasting relationships with clients and prospects alike. An easy-to-use website, informative blog content, and a social media presence will engage both prospects and customers while providing real value. 

Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Ninety percent of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for your business. It’s good practice for your business to have a Facebook business account, a Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram profile. To get started, try these strategies:

  • Complete your profiles – A profile that is incomplete and lacking information will look uncared for and possibly suspicious to visitors. Verify that your contact information is correct and be sure to use a high-quality image for your profile picture. If your office availability and hours have changed due to the pandemic, be sure to let your customers know. 
  • Post consistently – Try starting out once a week, the build-up to two to three times a week. Share useful and relevant information that will have your audience coming back to learn more. Once your audience grows, you can consider posting more often. 
  • Build your audience – Arguably one of the more difficult tasks in using social media, building your audience takes skill, digital marketing know-how, and patience. Avoid getting hung up on the number of followers you have at first. There’s no doubt that the quality of the content is more important than your follower count. Make sure you’re reaching your relevant audience and promoting your social profiles in email blasts.
  • Stay engaged – When people comment or share your posts, don’t let them sit there in silence. Be sure to respond to comments politely, start conversations, ask questions, and keep the guests engaged.

Need help in becoming an expert in insurance social media marketing? Contact the professionals at Stratosphere to get started. Our knowledgeable professionals keep the finger on the pulse of the marketing industry and how best to implement the latest strategies.

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