Understanding the Power of SEO Keywords Strategy for Insurance Agencies

By: Join Stratosphere

March 18, 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is arguably the most cost-effective way to drive traffic to business websites. However, just like all other online businesses, you require a keyword strategy for SEO to promote your insurance agency or brokerage on the web. With proper use of keywords, search engines like Google can accurately categorize your agency's web content and deliver potential buyers to your business site.

Read on to learn how you can create and use relevant keywords to improve your insurance agency's SEO results.

Why Keywords Play a Critical Role in SEO

The words and phrases you use throughout your website or blog play a crucial part in how search engine bots analyze your content for relevance to user questions. These are vital to SEO as most search engine users incorporate specific keywords in their search statements or questions.

When it comes to boosting SEO for your insurance agency, keywords help in two main ways:

  • They indicate the type of information a Google user (potential website visitor) is seeking

  • They help search engine marketers to customize website content according to the common or unique search terms

You can typically use individual keywords in your SEO strategy. However, major search engines, including Google, also track longer key phrases, full sentences, and related search terms in your content. When your SEO content comprises keyphrases relevant to the user search intent, more organic traffic flows to your insurance agency's website.  

Building a Keywords Strategy for Insurance Agency SEO

To develop your keyword strategy, you'll first need to figure out the information your target audience is seeking online. After that, you must identify the specific phrases that the audience uses in their Google search queries. Your objective should be to discover top-performing keywords associated with the highest search volume for a particular topic. Google's Search Console, SEMRush, and Moz are some of the tools you can use for the research phase of your insurance SEO keywords strategy.

With automated keyword research, you may also identify high-value keywords facing less competition in SEO. These are user search terms that are not being targeted by your competitors. Examples of such phrases for an insurance agency or broker are "small business insurance" or "average annual homeowners insurance."

Web content that includes best-performing but less competitive keywords stands a higher chance of coming up at or near the top of Google SERPs.

Ranking Keywords for Content Marketing

After successful keyword research, the next phase entails ranking the keywords. Remember that some search phrases are more relevant to a specific product or niche, while others are suitable for building traction in general SEO rankings for your insurance agency. Also, you may need to use certain keywords more or less often than others throughout your content. How you rank them depends on your agency's unique SEO goals.
You may rate each keyword on a scale of 1-10, for example, based on the insights obtained from your SEO tools. Content creators may then use this system to create the most impactful content by prioritizing high-value keywords and working down the ratings.
After publishing your optimized articles, Google and other search engines index your web pages. Ranking factors for each page generally include content authoritativeness, relevance, and trust. For maximum SEO benefits and SERP rankings, be sure to incorporate your strategic keywords in the following web page elements:

  • The main text

  • Page headers

  • Titles

  • Image alt text

The power of insurance SEO keywords strategy as part of your broader content marketing plan can't be overemphasized. Do you need help researching and leveraging the best-performing keywords to boost your insurance agency's search engine rankings? If so, then get in touch with our experienced digital marketing team at Stratosphere. We can help you revamp your keyword strategy to generate more traffic to your business website.

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