How Do Policyholders Find Insurance Agencies Online?

By: Join Stratosphere

July 16, 2020

In order for your insurance agency to become more successful, you first have to understand where your prospects’ journey begins. As with most purchases today, many start online. That means that your audience are typing into Google relevant keywords to find a solution for their needs. In essence, your business needs to be targeting relevant keywords through SEO strategies in order for your website to be seen – and contacted. 

Get Your Insurance Agency Seen Online

Start Simple

In many cases, those looking for insurance will start with a basic keyword (e.g. auto insurance) and then narrow it down to more specific keywords when they assess their needs, (e.g. auto insurance in Thousand Oaks, CA ). Do you know if you are targeting relevant keywords? Have you conducted a keyword analysis to understand the best keywords you should be using? This is essential to understand what words to use and where to use them. 

Go Social

For other potential policyholders, they will ask their friends and family for recommendations. They might review potential agencies on their social media profiles and websites. For this reason, not only is it wise to ask your happy clients for referrals, but to maintain a consistent and relevant social media profile. Having reviews on Facebook and Google help to make your business seem trustworthy and reliable.

Respond to Quotes

Many people are encouraged to get quotes from several different local agencies to compare prices and coverage. If you receive such a request, it’s important to follow up and work with the potential client to tailor policies to their needs. Going the extra mile helps your agency stand out from the crowd.

Investing in an insurance website and having an online presence is an essential part of doing business these days, as many people search for businesses online before they purchase coverage. This means that having a business website is no longer enough – your agency needs to have a well-designed, fully-functioning site that engages potential new clients or customers. To get started on a quality website and stellar marketing, contact the experts at Stratosphere. We are ready to help your agency be seen.

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