5 Types of Online Video Content that Can Boost Your Customer Acquisition

By: Join Stratosphere

July 9, 2020

Video marketing is a hot trend. It has been gaining in popularity as a marketing tool and changing the customer acquisition narrative. Steadily on the rise for the last few years, video content is an effective resource in educating the customer about a product and for traffic generation as well. To help you make the most of video content for your insurance agency, take a look at how implementing video can boost your customer acquisition. 

Using Video Marketing for Customer Acquisition

1. Customer Testimonial Videos

People love working with brands that have a good reputation. Create a video with customer testimonials from clients who have enjoyed working with your agency. The key is to keep it authentic. You want to prioritize sharing a customer’s story in his or her own words to maximize the impact of the story.

2. FAQ Videos

When people are looking for immediate answers, they may turn to a video to listen to rather than read a whole page of content. Create a FAQ video targeting the most commonly asked questions about your agency, the service you provide, and what the potential clients need to know.

3. Interviews

Leverage your team and create interview videos about what they know about the industry, how the agency operates, and more. Take opportunities to interview industry experts, local community members, business owners, and customers about their experience. Interviews are a great way to give more depth to your website.

4. Culture Videos

At times like this, it’s important to give people to have insight into your company. This is exactly what the culture videos do. They humanize your agency and allow customers to get an inside look into your team and company culture. You may have a few voluntary brand ambassadors who will spread the word about the product to friends and family because of the video.

5. Staff Highlight Videos

Encourage your staff to get in front of the camera! Let them talk about their role, interests, background, and passion for the company. Introducing your team is a great way to humanize your brand and allow customers to put a face to a name – which is beneficial, especially if they are going to be working closely with one assigned agent.

These are just some tips on how to leverage the use of video in your marketing plan. Are you looking for assistance with your insurance agency marketing needs? If so, then contact the experts at Stratosphere. We are ready to address all your digital marketing needs throughout this troubling time.

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