The Anatomy of a Local Insurance Agency Listing

By: Join Stratosphere

March 2, 2020

What Makes Up a Local Insurance Agency Listing

Today, 89 percent of people search for a local business on their phone at least once a week. Over half of those people will then visit that business within 24 hours. Since there is so much offline traffic coming from people conducting online searches, your insurance agency’s accuracy and presence are imperative. Standing out from the saturated crowd can help your business get seen by local prospects. Although there are hundreds of search directories, the top ones to focus on are Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Apple Maps.

What should I include in a local business listing?

Every business listing has specific information that must be included in order for people to find it. It includes:

  • Name of the business –This should be consistent with the signage of your business

  • Address – Make sure your address is correct so consumers can find you. If you serve a specific area, you can set a geographical area or zip code of where you serve.

  • Phone number – This should be the direct line to the local store.

  • Website – If you have local pages on your site, make sure this link sends people to the right web page for the listed location.

  • Category – This should be the most common keyword people use to search for your business so avoid being too specific.

  • Hours – Make sure your hours (including holiday hours) are accurate so people know when they can reach out.

  • Description – Here’s your chance to let people know what your business is about.

If your business listing isn’t accurate, it can cause consumers to lose trust in your business, making them less likely to do business.

Monitor and Update Regularly

A local insurance agency listing is not something you should set up and then quickly forget about. Be sure to review it often, reply to reviews, and add pictures when necessary. Protect your listing accuracy by monitoring and updating it often.

Do you need more help on reputation management and boosting your insurance agency business? Contact the professionals at Stratosphere Marketing Solutions to get started. Our team are professionals at creating and maintaining local insurance agency listings that help you get seen.

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