Insurance Marketing Mistakes – Focus Less on Your Company and More on the Consumer

By: Join Stratosphere

April 13, 2017

Pay attention to your word choice when writing a marketing piece so you can appeal to the consumer.

Don’t underestimate the power of words. They yield great power in helping you effectively communicate with your customers. When it comes to your marketing strategy, your word choice can make a huge impact on how the content is received. Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes made when writing a marketing piece is focusing too much on your company and not enough on the consumer. When you focus too much on your company, you alienate the customer, rendering your marketing campaign less effective. Find yourself making these types of mistakes? Learn how to fix this marketing no-no with these tips.

The Power of Inclusive Language.

It’s only natural to talk about the services that you offer when marketing your business. However, it’s important that you’re careful about your word choices. Too many “we”s or “our”s can be a turn off to consumers. Instead, focus on incorporating more “you”s and “your”s

Make Consumers Feel Important.

The key to great marketing is focusing on your customer. Making your customers feel important. Your marketing should be focused on the customer to help them feel appreciated. Ensure that your content is relevant and informative and directed toward your consumers’ needs.

Review Your Content.

Ensure that your marketing strategies are working effectively. Review a few pieces of your marketing content and evaluate how well the content appeals to the consumer. Consider the language used, and whether there’s room for improvement so that you can tailor your marketing tactics to your consumer.

When it comes to maximizing your insurance marketing strategy, remember to pay attention to word choice and focus on the consumer. For help producing the right inclusive language for your content, contact us at Stratosphere Marketing Solutions. Our team offers you the best digital marketing services. From original blog content to custom websites, we’re your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. Contact us today!

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