COVID-19: Is Insurance Marketing Still Relevant in a National Crisis?

By: Join Stratosphere

August 27, 2020

With many people out of work and businesses on their knees, many insurance agencies are left wondering if they should temporarily pause their insurance agency digital marketing if insurance is not on peoples’ minds. With the rise of health care requirements, business protocols, and more time spent at home, insurance is still very much needed – and it is the insurance agent’s duty  to ensure that their clients and potential customers know that. 

Insurance Agency Marketing During COVID-19

Insurance is often something that falls to the bottom of a long list of things to do – worldwide pandemic or not. Yet, the need for reliable insurance is all the more important. After all, businesses can’t afford to lose money from a liability suit and homeowners may not be able to handle the costs if their property is broken into. Insurance is always there to help when the worst happens and, more often than not, people need to be reminded of the value of insurance policies. 

During this difficult time, there are many ways you can continue to market to customers and reap the benefits. Now, more than ever, customers are using the internet to research businesses and services before committing. If your brand falls silent now, it could indicate to a potential customer that you’re out of business because of coronavirus or that you’ve ceased all operations for the time being. If anything, it’s time to ramp up your marketing to showcase your services and let customers know how your agency can help.

When it comes to an online presence, it’s important to be seen. Regular content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and additional practices are essential to encourage people to consider your agency. Even during a national – and worldwide – crisis, your business can move forward with consistent marketing.

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