Insurance Domain Names: Choosing When a Domain Name is Taken

By: Join Stratosphere

October 27, 2020

It can be frustrating for every business owner. You’ve spent hours, maybe days, coming with the perfect domain name for your new insurance website. You’ve worked hard to make it look good, sound good, and be accessible for every person you come into contact with. It’s catchy. It’s punchy. It has character. Better still, it encapsulates your brand perfectly. You go to register it, excited to show your new website to the world. Then, your heart sinks. The domain name you want is taken. When you come across this situation, there are a few different options available to you. 

What to Do When the Domain Name is Taken

1. Buy the domain from the current owner

The immediate answer to your problem is to contact the owner of the domain you want and offer to purchase it from them. This can require a bit of detective work and possibly deep pockets. Depending on how willing you are to get this domain, you may need to pay a hefty sum. It’s best to go in with a figure and negotiate from there. Keep in mind that this might not work out to your advantage as they could simply tell you that the domain is not for sale. 

2. Wait for the domain to expire and then quickly buy it

With a little investigative work, you should be able to see when the domain will expire. That will be your opportunity to buy the domain you want for yourself without having to deal with the previous owner. It’s a sneaky move to make, but you can be successful. The problem with this route is that it does take patience. It could be months or even years before until the exact domain you want is available for purchase and new ownership. This means you may have to put your insurance agency on hold until you have your domain – something that not many of us could afford to do. 

3. Create an alternate version

Perhaps the most simple solution is to tweak the perfect domain name so that it is available and ready to buy. That would allow you to start with a fresh domain name that will consider your brand without having to spend more money or time on it than you can afford. With a bit of creativity and flexibility, you may find yourself coming up with two or three alternative names to use.

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