How Insurance Agencies Can Use Google My Business for Client Engagement

By: Join Stratosphere

January 23, 2020

Fostering Client Engagement Through Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that allows a business owner to manage how their company appears on Google applications such as Google Search and Google Maps.  For instance, GMB allows you to input your business's name, location, and hours.  Additionally, this service can be used to manage customer reviews, add photos, and gather user analytics.  When used correctly, GMB offers a fantastic opportunity to engage with your clients. As an insurance agency, client engagement is a great way to create a positive reputation for your brand and attract potential leads. But how can you incorporate GMB into your insurance agency marketing strategy

Some Best GMB Practices to Keep in Mind

  • Respond to Reviews Quickly

    When a client posts a review on your business's Google page, you should make an effort to respond as soon as possible.  A quick response time comes with several benefits.  First, if the client has left a positive review of your agency, then thanking them for their kind words will make them feel recognized and appreciated.  This will inspire a sense of loyalty, and the client will be more likely to leave additional reviews in the future.  Another benefit of quick response times is that it allows you to address negative reviews before they harm your business.  When you respond to a bad review of your agency, you should apologize and politely invite the poster to discuss the issues with you on a less public forum.  Not only will this show people that your agency has good customer service principles, but it also ensures that the angry reviewer does not continue to air their frustration where everyone can see.

  • Post About Events

    Google Posts is a GMB tool that allows your agency to share content with people who are interested in your company.  To ensure that new visitors have a lot of content to enjoy, you should create Google Posts frequently and consistently.  You should also be sure to promote your agency's events through Google Posts.  When you post about your upcoming events and promotions, you will generate fresh interest in your agency.  This will increase your chances of having existing customers and potential leads engage with your agency and actually participate in your company events.

  • Participate in Q&A

    Part of GMB's strategy is allowing any user to provide information about a particular business.  Unfortunately, this can cause problems if misinformation about your agency starts to circulate.  To prevent people from spreading misinformation about your company, you should be active in the Q&A section of your GMB page.  By monitoring and answering questions quickly, you can ensure that the right information is being distributed.  You can also flag incorrect answers to ensure that people aren't getting the wrong idea about your agency.  By being active, your clients will feel like you are addressing their questions and concerns, which will help you establish a positive reputation.

These are some of the things that you should do to encourage client engagement via Google My Business. Do you have additional questions about your insurance agency marketing strategies? If so, then contact the experts at GTK Analytics. Our expert team is ready to take your digital marketing success to new heights.

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