How an Insurance Agency Can Deal with Fake Google Reviews

By: Join Stratosphere

May 16, 2019

Fake Google Reviews – How to Handle Them as an Insurance Agent

Even though Google works hard to fix their anti-spam algorithm, online studies suggest that half of Google reviews are either bogus or not written by genuine customers. Google reviews are considered helpful for the massive consumer base using Google, which means that fake, poor reviews can negatively impact your insurance agency. The situation can be even worse for insurance agents who do not have many reviews to start with. If you fall victim to a fake Google review, here’s how to handle it.

  • Don’t let your emotions respond

Untrue or potentially defamatory reviews make agency owners want to scream the roof down. However, if you start responding with your emotions in full swing, it’s not going to reflect well. Imagine if a prospective insurance shopper sees your angry response. They could interpret it as being unprofessional, and it can make you look guilty because you’re not keeping calm. If your first impulse is to send an angry response, sleep on it.

  • Flag it

Fake reviews are frustrating – but usually easy to spot. A suspicious username and no profile photo are two tell-tale signs it is fake. There will be a little flag symbol next to the review. Tap it to “Report review” and then enter your email and select the appropriate violation type using Google’s review policy as a guideline. Ask your employees, friends, and family to flat the review as well.

  • Submit a legal request of removal

After some time, if flagging doesn’t work, you have the option of submitting a legal request for removal. Google will ask you to cite specific provisions of law, so it’s wise to consider consulting a legal professional before submitting this request.

  • Respond

If all the above fails – or you want a quicker solution – the next best option is to respond. Keep your response objective and to the point.

  • Pump up your ratings

If you do receive a negative review that you didn’t think was deserved, ask for more reviews! Contact current and previous clients, suppliers, and partners, asking them to leave you feedback. If you receive an influx of positive reviews, they will outshine the negative ones.Are you ready to get started on your insurance agency’s marketing? If so, then contact the experts at GTK Analytics. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your web design, SEO, content creation, and other digital marketing needs today.

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