How to Get Your Insurance Agency to the Top of Google's Local 3 Pack

By: Casey Preston

March 25, 2021

Google's Local 3 Pack is a group of three local business listings that appears against searches made for products/services provided by local businesses. These listings in Local Packs originate from the Google My Business directory. They include a map of the relevant area and a link to "More Places," leading to the Google Local Finder.

Insurance companies can gain a competitive edge on a local level via visibility in Google Maps search results. The key is to adopt a Google Maps Pack strategy that will help you rank better in location-based searches, increasing your leads for new policyholders.

Evolution of Google Algorithms

Search engines have improved in the past decade in tweaking their algorithms to help internet users find the content they're looking for. No longer does Google just search keywords typed by users; instead, it tries to understand search intent to deliver more relevant results. While the search giant can independently index content from useful web pages, you can ease the process by updating and submitting your most important information to Google.

How Does Google Local 3 Pack Work?

Google Local 3 Pack is a feature you'll see on search results pages (SERPs) just below a map in which Google gives three business listings. So if you search for an "insurance agent," you'll see a map of your city with the location of three insurance agencies highlighted with red markers. These three locations will be listed with star ratings, phone numbers, store (open/close) status, and an image to the right. Wouldn't it be great for your business to show up in that top three?

 How to Secure a Place in the Top 3?

At one time, Google experimented with 5-7 listings for local searches but has now cut back to 3 listings, creating a more competitive online environment. This "3 pack" appears at the top of the search results page. It's simply a new way Google displays its business listings.

In order to gain Google local pack SERP feature visibility, you need to understand the three factors that are examined by the search engine, namely: 1) proximity, 2) relevance, and 3) authority. 

Different users will get different results, depending on their geolocation in relation to the physical establishment. Showing up in the top three also depends on the level of competition in an area. So if your business only has a few local competitors, you have a greater chance of being featured than when you have dozens of rivals.

Another way to boost your online visibility is to increase the amount of content on your site. This may include blogs centered around your area of trusted expertise. The more unique and useful your content is, the more you'll be able to pull in people interested in your niche. While the number of web pages can make a difference, the quality of content must be top-notch.

A website full of deep, valuable content is more likely to have a presence in Google search results than a thin site with content duplicated from another source. Q & A pages that answer common questions are another great way of capturing search bots' attention. Adding customer reviews can also help search rankings.

Local Stack Elements

Google's "local maps stack" includes several basic elements such as NAP (name, address, phone), reviews and ratings, and your Google My Business description. It also contains business categories and subcategories and is able to fetch content from corresponding websites. 

Developing an SEO strategy for your insurance agency is much easier when you work with an experienced digital marketer. Seasoned SEO specialists understand which keywords can help a local business stand out from competitors. They stay updated with the new features in Google's information-rich local stacks.

Google's Local 3 Pack strategy for insurance agencies can generate new leads while paying attention to certain search fundamentals. If you need professional help understanding the possibilities with Google My Business, contact the experts at Stratosphere at (818) 456-1648. We look forward to providing a digital marketing review of your listing and website. 

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 Casey Preston

Casey Preston

Casey Preston is the Founder & CRO of Stratosphere, a leading insurance online marketing agency based in California. He is an experienced C-level Executive with a demonstrated history of multi-million dollar sales production in the SaaS and Digital Marketing industries. He is a dynamic speaker and loves talking about growth strategies for independent insurance agents and agencies. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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