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What is the Fastest Method to Get Insurance Leads?

By: Casey Preston

December 11, 2020


These days, every insurance agency is constantly looking for new ways to secure more insurance leads. Having a stream of new customers is everything, which is why it pays to ensure you’re making the most of leads. Building up your book of business doesn’t have to be daunting or impossible. Take a look at these prospecting tips to generate insurance leads fast. 

Lead Generation Tips for Insurance Agencies

  •  Be active in your community

When you’re an insurance agent, you are a representative of the agency when you’re both inside and outside of work. When looking to appeal to your local community, it’s essential to be a part of it. Volunteering is a great way to establish your reputation as a committed member of the community. You can also get your whole team involved by signing up for a charity run, hosting insurance seminars for small business owners, and donating your time to a local cause.

  •  Publish content

Never underestimate the power of written content on your website. One of the most effective ways to promote an insurance agency is through publishing regularly blogs. Insurance consumers have many questions about the insurance coverages they are considering. Creating blog posts with useful information and recent regulation updates directly addresses their concerns. As a result, the guest views your agency as a credible source and may contact your agency when they are closer to making a purchasing decision.

  • Promote referral programs

Referrals are a practical and easy way to generate new business. Once you have several happy clients, ask them for referrals. Send postcards or emails asking them to recommend your business to family and friends, creating an attractive reward for doing so, such as a gift card. 

These are some ways you can generate leads for your insurance agency. Are you looking for assistance with your insurance agency marketing needs? If so, then contact the experts at Stratosphere. We are ready to address all your digital marketing needs throughout this troubling time.

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 Casey Preston

Casey Preston

Casey Preston is the Founder of Stratosphere, a leading insurance online marketing agency based in California. He is an experienced C-level Executive with a demonstrated history of multi-million dollar sales production in the SaaS and Digital Marketing industries. He is a dynamic speaker and loves talking about growth strategies for independent insurance agents and agencies. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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