What Your Agency Should Know About Audio Advertising

By: Join Stratosphere

October 20, 2020

Digital audio listening is on the rise. Through technology, consumers can have an online presence 24/7 via devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and watches – you name it. More of us are using audio, too. Videos, the radio, voice search, and more – there are plenty of ways to stay connected without reading. The growth of digital audio listening has led more brands to evaluate the potential of digital audio as an advertising channel. Here is what you should know about audio advertising. 

What is digital audio?

When we talk about digital audio, this includes everything from streaming music, digital radio stations, connected vehicles, smart speakers, podcasts, videos, and more. The use of digital audio has exploded since the pandemic, especially podcasts that many people relied on. 

From an advertising perspective, digital audio is more effective than traditional audio in many ways. Targeting is certainly one of the most important ways. Generally, with traditional radio listening, advertisers buy a window of time. For example, a brand may choose drive-time in the late afternoon in order to target people who are on their commute home. However, as a targeting mechanism, this has limitations, especially around understanding precisely how many people heard the ad and who they were. 

Enter digital audio marketing. It can be more targeted, more specific, and more focused. Advertisers can target via non-personally identifiable logged-in data, such as gender, age, listening habits, and the device they are listening on.

However, audio advertising goes much deeper than that. For those listening to digital audio on their phone, advertisers can tap into vast data around places that the device has visited in order to gain a deeper understanding of the listener’s interests. It’s even possible to target an ad to be heard only by people listening to headphones. Hyperlocal targeting for small businesses is also effective, where people pass by the location and receive a relevant voice ad that invites them to visit. 

When it comes to the audience for digital audio advertising, there is a slight lean towards the younger demographic. However, people of all ages and with all sorts of interests listen to digital audio. That means whatever audience your brand is trying to reach, digital audio can deliver. Another large benefit of audio ads is that they engage with listeners in a variety of ways, whether that’s when the listener is driving, running, cooking, or workout out. 

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