Content Marketing Strategies for Insurance Agencies in 2021

By: Join Stratosphere

March 31, 2021

As an insurance agency, you need to keep up-to-date with the latest SEO trends because they influence how prospective customers get to see and interact with your brand. When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), content remains the most impactful mode of digital marketing. Your agency's visibility on the search engines is hinged on whether the search engines' algorithms deem your content relevant, useful, and authoritative. Similar to virtually all forms of online marketing, content marketing has significantly evolved over the years.

Content Marketing – An Overview

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing where businesses use web content to draw in prospective customers, establish credibility, and create a relationship with the customer by either getting them to make a purchase or sign up for future engagement. It aims to create and share quality, relevant and useful content across different platforms including, among others, your website, third-party blogs, e-newsletters, and social media. Your content should focus on the value you provide and it should help consumers make smart purchasing decisions.

Some of the key content marketing strategies that can be employed by insurance agencies in 2021 include:

Leverage Your Brand Authority

One of the most significant marketing trends that emerged from the 2020 pandemic is that more and more consumers have shifted to shopping online. Businesses that will thrive are those that will adopt an effective online marketing strategy. Recent trends in content writing for insurance agencies show the increasing importance of brand authority. Brand awareness is usually undergirded by your insurance agency's reputation and services. Brand authority is, however, built on a company's experts.

CEOs or company founders can be fantastic authoritative voices and evangelists for the larger brands (think of Tim Cook, Elon Musk, or Howard Schultz). For a smaller business such as an insurance agency, in-house groups and leadership teams can be fantastic authoritative figures. Take note that for content to be authoritative, it needs to meet the following requirements: 

  • Focus on the value you provide instead of selling

  • Elaborate on all the details related to a topic

  • Use key phrases and keywords that enable search engines to index your content accurately

Localize Your PR Outreach

Another significant 2021 content marketing trend is the shift to the traditional PR (press relations) tactics, such as establishing media partnerships in a given geographic area. Local SEO is vital for online searching. A local media outreach can increase your visibility to prospective customers and positively impact your business growth. Collaborate with local online news outlets and online publications, which are usually on the prowl for locally relevant business news. This gives you free publicity and increases your brand awareness without eating into your marketing budget.

Double Down on SEO

Digital marketing is undergirded by SEO. By increasing your visibility in search engines like Google, more prospective clients can easily find you. Here are the SEO tactics that any effective strategy for content writing for an insurance agency should incorporate:

  • Keyword research and optimization - Identify the keywords which prospective clients use to search for your products and services online. You should then incorporate the keywords and the long-tail phrases into your content.

  • Create an accurate customer persona - Create your ideal customer's persona by thinking of the information site visitors will look for and then tailor your content and call to action for those visitors. 

  • Monitor performance - You can control or improve what you can't measure. By tracking data and traffic patterns, you can fine-tune your SEO strategies to improve their effectiveness. 

Content marketing remains an essential component of insurance agencies' digital marketing efforts. At Stratosphere, our experts will help you maximize visibility and online branding opportunities for your insurance agency. Contact us today at (818) 456-1648 to see how we can help your agency.

Content Marketing

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