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How Blogging Complements Social Media Marketing

By: Faye deGavre

November 19, 2020

When building a content marketing strategy, it’s easy to get tied down to one method or one stream in which to focus. Creating content for different channels, after all, can be time-consuming. Your marketing strategy may have different areas of focus around email marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and more. However, to maximize your results, it’s a good idea to understand how many of these channels work together. Take a look at how blogging and social media marketing work best hand-in-hand. 

How Blogging Improves Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Promotion 

A great way to drive users back to your website is to promote your blog on social media, providing easy links to blog titles. In this way, you’re curating your own content. Post useful blog content on social media that will interest your followers. This also makes it easy for those followers to share those posts with their social circles, which helps to expand your reach.

  • Social sharing integration

When creating your blog, be sure to include your social media accounts on each post. In addition, include hashtags and keywords that unify the content. You can also add buttons that make it easy for those who come to your blog to share a particular post. 

  • Marketing success

Blogging and social media marketing fall under the same bracket of content marketing. However, many businesses consider these two separate processes and two distinct entities. When you separate your content on social media and on the blog, your brand splits. It becomes disjointed, and what you are publishing on social media is not in sync with what you’re publishing on the blog. These two practices work best hand-in-hand.

Rather than leave the two strategies separate, combine social media marketing and blogging to reach and engage a larger audience. 
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Faye deGavre

Faye deGavre

Writing enthusiast, Faye, is our wordsmith passionate about crafting business-changing content through targeted messaging and storytelling. As Lead Content Writer, she delivers on-trend, optimized, and high-quality copy that help our clients increase their brand awareness, generate leads, and obtain new customers. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Faye with a book in her hands, hunting down houseplants, or relaxing with her husband and three cats.

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