Referrals: The Golden Ticket for any Insurance Agency

By: Join Stratosphere

March 25, 2014

Referrals: The Golden Ticket for any Insurance Agency

In today’s era of insurance marketing, there is quite an abundance of ways to try and put your name out there, with some tactics costing no less than a leg, an arm, and maybe even your eye.

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Pay per click ads on Google are quite costly. In fact, paying for the search term “insurance” for Google PPC can cost an insurance agency over $56 every single time a targeted user clicks on the ad, making a mere 17 clicks cost you more than $1000.


The truth is, there is a better way to do this: Referrals.

A referral, as you may already know, is not only the best compliment your business could ever receive, but also a strong lead for your agency.

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The keys to insurance agency referrals:

Build trust

There’s a good chance you already know these tactics, and most likely employ them every day within your agency, but there is also a good chance you may be missing one key component to employing these tactics outside of your office: online.

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Why not spread your reach and trusted customer service outside of your office into the massive world of the internet and social media for everyone to know about?

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Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter are free venues that allow you to continue to drive your message, and continue to be of great use to your current and prospective customers.

Providing value and staying atop the minds of your clients and potential customers online through social media and blogging is an excellent way to touch on all three points above.


You can be connected to your clients online on every social media channel.

Existing clients and prospective clients can “like” your Facebook business page, “follow” you on twitter, “connect” with you on LinkedIn, and join your “circle” on Google+. Whenever you post a blog on your Stratosphere created website, you are:

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Contact us today! We specialize in insurance marketing, and can help you spread your brand awareness and message online at an affordable cost.

We know that referrals mean everything to insurance agencies like yourself and would love to help you with your automated marketing!

  • Regularly staying connected with your existing book of business
  • Regularly engaging your existing clients & most importantly
  • Building and maintaining trust with your clients
  • Regularly connecting with your existing book of business through your social media channels.
  • Regularly engaging with your clients as they ask questions/comment on your blog posts
  • Regularly conveying your knowledge and expertise in your industry

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Join Stratosphere

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