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Announcing Our Partnership with BGA Premier Insurance Solutions!

By: Casey Preston

February 20, 2015

Learn How Their LifeLaunch Program Can Help You

Wish you could sell more Life Insurance to your existing clients, but don’t have the time or know where to begin? Fortunately, you don’t have to be left watching that income slip through your fingers.

At Stratosphere Marketing Solutions, we are partnering with BGA Premier Insurance Solutions, a company that can bring you just that— solutions. LifeLaunch is a turn-key life insurance solution for qualified P&C agencies that dramatically simplifies this process.

Backed with creative marketing ideas, back office support, and industry experience, BGA guarantees to help recover lost opportunities based upon the annual sales and demographics of the P&C firm. This cost-effective program offers the ability to calculate and review clients’ financial protection needs, providing you with the upper hand in client security and satisfaction.

LifeLaunch is here to help the busy insurance professional identify potential Life Insurance, LTC, DI Insurance, and Annuity opportunities by executing needed steps to capture lost dollars.

To determine if your P&C firm is eligible for LifeLaunch call Scott Thurman scottt@bgainsurance.com ([818] 836-5624) or Dina Mabry dinam@bgainsurance.com ([818] 836-5623) at BGA.

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 Casey Preston

Casey Preston

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