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Reputation Checker Tool Calculates
Your Reputation Score Based on These Review Platforms

  • google-my-business
  • facebook
  • yelp

How Does This Reputation Analysis Tool Work?

Fill out the form on the top right side of the page. Our tool will then find out all online reviews of your insurance agency from the review platforms mentioned above. It will analyze the quality, frequency, and quantity of the reviews to calculate your reputation score. Our tool will also compare your reputation score with other insurance agencies in our database and let you know how it matches your peer group.


Sentiment Analysis Reports

Using our REPUTATION CHECKER tool, we can provide the overall sentiment of your online reputation, including which emotions (positive, negative, or neutral) your customers usually express in their reviews. This way, you can understand your strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly.



REPUTATION CHECKER is an online reputation tool designed for insurance agencies. The tool determines the online reputation score for an insurance agency or insurance provider by using a proprietary formula.

The formula uses the quality, frequency, and quantity of the reviews from the major insurance review platforms.

The percentile tells you how your online reputation score matches other insurance agencies in our database.

For example, a percentile score of 90 indicates that the insurance provider’s reputation scorecard is in the top 10% of his peers. Please note that the percentile score is comparable to the number of insurance providers in our database. We may add new insurance providers to our database daily, and your percentile score could change accordingly.

60% of customers check reviews on Google My Business when searching for a local business, and 67.7% of purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews. Therefore, you must have positive online reviews on all review platforms your customers visit.

Unhappy customers are more likely to write reviews, and these negative reviews create a wrong/inaccurate perception of your agency online, discouraging prospective customers from choosing you, among others. That’s why we created the REPUTATIONCHECKER tool.

While proactively managing your online reputation, our tool will help you understand where your reputation stands through a consolidated report of reviews, recency, ratings, sentiment analysis, and reputation.

  1. Google My Business
  2. Facebook
  3. Yelp

Enter the insurance provider or agency information you are evaluating and click on the “Get My Reputation Analysis” to get the report. Our report will provide the insurance provider's recent online ratings and the average rating on the review sites.